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Wed 28 Jan 2009

Dark sounds for the jubilee

„Secrets, Magic and Enchantment“ – the slogan of the Pied Piper Jubilee has been circulating through Hameln for weeks now. Quite a few volunteers have filled this motto with life, like the two artists of the Dark Wave and Indie music scene: Ralph Maten and Cord Wilhelm Kiel. These owners of the amp-media production and Promotion Company, joined with guitarist Torsten Brednow (former “Flatliner”) to compose and produce the Jubilee Song, “The Dark Side of the Piper”.

Somewhat saturnine, and very mysterious, like the dark side of the Piper are the sounds of the anniversary. The song was presented at a psychedelic midnight show on New Year ’s Eve at an open-air party. Light and shadow, fogbanks, dancers and good music set the mood for the year 2009.


“It was a creative and exciting piece of work, and a rare honor for a citizen to create the festival music”, was the resume of Ralph Maten, the singer for “Anonymous Dream” and the owner of his own music label. The “official festival music” is partially recorded with live instruments like Keyboard, Clarinet and Drums, and then remixed on computer; thus originated an instrumental that spurs fantasy and leads the listener away into the magical, mysterious and secret world of the Piper Legend. Inspired by newspaper reports of the jubilee, they composed it in their amp-media studio in the Baeckerstrasse and then presented the track to the Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH.


“Our bands, ‘[+]Z.e.t.a X’ and ‘Anonymous Dream’ travel the paths of mystic and magic in our music. The theme of the festival literally struck a chord with us.” Spoke Cord Wilhelm Kiel, singer of ‘[+]Z.e.t.a X’, the internationally successful Dark Wave band. This mystic musical experience flowed into the composition of the jubilee song.


“It’s a bold and 100% successful work, that will enhance the anniversary,” justified HMT CEO Harald Wanger the decision to present a jubilee music theme. The anniversary concept diverges from the traditional Hameln presentation, as well. The mystical sounds enhance the celebration.


The jubilee song “The Dark Side of the Piper” is available as a download jingle at at no cost. Additionally, HMT will support live presentations and a CD in cooperation with the artists. Those who visit the “flash” website of the jubilee will hear parts of the composition as background music.


HMT and the artists hope that the jubilee song is quite successful, even though these “dark” sounds are not of the mainstream. “But maybe that is exactly what the people expect,” spoke HMT CEO Wanger.


Link to the free download


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