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Anniversary design on tour

A public transport bus, which could give the creeps to joy-riders, has been on the roads in and around Hamelin since February.

With its well known anniversary design this bus is not only drawing attention in Hamelin but also in Hannover where it will be providing shuttle services during selected trade fairs.


“The public transport company „Öffis“ is an important part of this town. This is why it is only natural that we take part in the anniversary. Additional, we ourselves are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our AST-Routes”, says Carsten Busse, Öffi-manager, about the engagement within the anniversary year.

The space for the provocative words and motives advertising the Pied Piper Jubilee and the AST anniversary is made available free of charge by the Öffis and even the costs for transforming the busses into the anniversary design has been taken over.

“Every day we are transporting 13.000 children within our region. Only – different to 725 years ago – we are bringing them home safely! And that is something we want to emphasize“, says Carsten Busse to explain the generous support.


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